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The Elena Garden, “a garden in the museum, a museum in the garden”

The project started in 2012 between the Royal Botanic Garden of Córdoba and the Córdoba Archaeological Museum, with a selection of works and their interpretation. Subsequently, it was extended with items from the Madinat al-Zahra Archaeological Site and the Córdoba Museum of Fine Arts.

The success of this experience led to a second phase, with the creation of virtual tours and the incorporation of the Carmen Thyssen Museum of Málaga and La Concepcion Historical-Botanical Gardens. This project was supported by la Fundación Descubre with the participation of the Department of Economy and Expertise.

In 2016, with the funding of the Spanish Science and Technology Trust, a new proposal came to light, linking the botanical gardens of Córdoba and Málaga with the Archaeological and Fine Arts museums, the Madinat al-Zahra Archaeological Site, in Córdoba, with The Collection of St. Petersburg – The Russian Museum in Málaga.

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