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Botanical Cabinet


Two rooms in the former Administrator’s House have been fitted out to house a permanent exhibition that will provide visitors with information on the creation of the La Concepción gardens and the social and scientific context in which they were developed. Mention is also made of the flora that the gardens of Malaga were home to in the mid-19th century. This ornamental flora originated in the expeditions and journeys that set off from different European countries to exotic, faraway places during the 18th and 19th centuries. During these explorations, anything that could be of interest to science was collected. You can see a reproduction of a cabinet where the naturalists studied the valuable objects they collected, as well as two samples of the plant collections they gathered, one of trunks and the other of seeds. The collected material was periodically sent to Europe, where it was studied, cultivated, dissected and then stored as a curious and unique treasure that increased the knowledge of natural science and of the richness and diversity of the flora, as well as the broad use of new species for human beings.

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