Área didáctica

The Learning Zone

Since 1992, La Concepcion has made environmental education one of its priorities, making use of the wide variety of resources that the garden places at its disposal. Our aim is to raise the profile of one of Europe's finest subtropical gardens, as well as encouraging awareness of and respect for the natural environment, the plant and garden world, and the culture and history of 19th-century Malaga.

Each group of up to 30 pupils will be accompanied by one of our monitors throughout the activities.

We offer educational tours and programmes.

Groups must have a maximum of 30 people. For further information and bookings, call 951 926 180 or contact infojbotanicomalaga@gmail.com

Programs and workshops

school visit

EDUCATIONAL VISITS (90 minute sessions)

Tours in which the historical garden is visited, with special focus on the history of the grounds, botany and points of interest. There is also a visit to the exhibition "The history of La Concepción told by Barbie".


In addition to the visit to the historic garden, there will be different workshops adapted to each educational stage.


Educational visits (one and a half hours): €3,65 per person (15 minimum).

Visit with Workshop (three hours): €6,30 per person (18 minimum).

Coffee with Science

Coffee with Science

Coffee with Science

This is an activity sponsored by the “Descubre” Foundation in which small groups of upper high school pupils chat to researchers who describe their scientific work in detail. This activity takes place in the month of November.

Any schools or teachers wishing their pupils to take part in the activity may contact us by sending a message to botanicolaconcepcion@malaga.eu,
or by calling 951 926 179.

Holiday activities

La Concepcion is the ideal venue for a holiday camp. It's aimed at children between 4 and 16 years old. The price is €70,50 per week. The camp starts at 9:00 and finishes at 14:00. For further information and bookings, call 951 926 180 / 639914055 or write to infojbotanicomalaga@gmail.com.

Summer camp


Do you want to learn how to explore the rainforest and understand why it is important to take care of it?

A variety of workshops in contact with nature. Activities are week based, with each week being different from the last. During this week we will explore the different corners of the Earth's jungle every day, taking different routes, from a tour through the tropical heart of the 'Historical Garden' to a sensory route through the new 'Black Bamboo Walk' or a path through the Mediterranean forest.

After the daily tour, we will get closer to different cultures through games from different countries and we will finish the morning giving free rein to our creativity with handicrafts.

February break and Easter

Cenador niños
In the arbour

Every year, we provide a variety of entertainment for young children during the February school break and Easter week.