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Activities and special events


Temporary exhibitions are normally located at the ground floor of Casa del Administrador. Sometimes they move to the garden or the Casa Palacio.

La Concepcion houses a permanent exhibition at the Casita del Jardinero. Some scenes of the origin of the garden are told with Barbie dolls dioramas.


January: Ana Roldán. Painting. "Habitantes"
February: Ana Roldán. Painting. "Habitantes""
March: Colectiva: Judy Farrar, Ann Westley, Yanina Temple, Linda Gunn. "Tras el vivir y el soñar..."
April: Agustín Linares. Fotografía". Transgeometría de la Natura"
May: Xavier Vilató." Le Jardin Circonflexe"
June: Xavier Vilató." Le Jardin Circonflexe"
July: Cristóbal de Haro. Fotografía científica. "Mariposas de La Concepción"
August: Selección de Participantes Concursos de Pintura y Fotografía.  Asociación de Amigos La Concepción
September: María Monsterio. Cerámica
October: Gabinete Hyde. Colectiva. "Caprichos. Intervenciones al natural"
November: Colectiva Moments Festival. "Fotografías de Naturaleza"
December: Mar Aragón. Pintura. "Paisajes licuados"

CartelXavier Velato


"Jardin Circonflexe de Xavier"

Exhibition hall: 3 May to 30 June 2023
Outdoors in the garden: 12 May to 31 August 202

Xavier Vilató presents Le Jardin Circonflexe, a multidisciplinary artistic project that was initiated in 2013 and has continued to grow until today. The works can be seen among the vegetation of the garden, transforming a stroll in the familiar plant environment into a surprising journey. Scattered in space, the works reveal themselves step by step, giving rise to a magical, poetic walk. The exhibition hall hosts paintings from Le Jardin Circonflexe and a smaller sculpture.

Xavier is a Franco-Spanish artist whose work is developed on both sides of the Pyrenees. Son of Javier Vilató and grandnephew of Pablo Picasso, he was born into a family with strong ties to the art world. To date he has had more than forty solo exhibitions in galleries and museums.

This exhibition is made up of a group of sculptures, ceramics and bronzes, which form the main axis of this work, conceived for open-air exhibition. Around these pieces, there is an important series of oil paintings, engravings and lithographs.

For Xavier, collaborating once again with the cultural institutions of Malaga and being able to present this collection involving more than 10 years of work in a place as unique as the La Concepción Historical Botanical Garden is the almost obvious outcome, as well as a huge joy: Le Jardin Circonflexe seems to have landed in the place it was always meant to be

PERMANENT EXHIBITION - The history of La Concepcion told by Barbie

The idea of using dolls to recreate the garden's history was conceived by the artist Alberto Martin, who has been putting together displays with Barbie dolls for many years. After studying a number of late 19th-century photographs, mostly from the Silvela Legacy, he created a series of almost identical scenes using not only the world-famous Barbie but also Ken, Madelman and other similar figures. Sponsored by the Malaga Foundation and the Friends of La Concepcion Association.

The aim of this exhibition is to portray both a key period in the history of La Concepcion and the Bourgeois lifestyle of the time in a way that will appeal to visitors of all ages. All of the materials used in the displays have been recycled: bottle tops, sink racks, clothes pegs, pencil sharpeners, pin cushions etc. Each figure is dressed in a different costume and hat made from dressmakers' cuttings; the hairstyles, fans and parasols sported by the women are all unique and were inspired by 19th-century clothing catalogues.

Filming and Photographs

For information, please call 951926179 or 951929232. You can also write to us at

Filmación Film Shoot

Photo sessions and film shoots: La Concepcion can be used as backdrops for photographs and films, both commercial and private.


Permission for photographic reports must be requested at least 15 days before the desired date. After receiving the request and depending on the use and particular conditions of the aforementioned areas of the Botanical Garden, the interested party will receive a reply approving or refusing the request. In any case, the reservation of the date for the report will not be effective until the payment of the price established in the current fiscal ordinance is formalized, at least 7 days prior to the requested date, for which the corresponding letter of payment will be sent to the applicant. When circumstances make it advisable, La Concepción Historical Botanical Garden reserves the right to cancel, always with justification, any photographic report already agreed.
The photographs will be taken during the days and hours the garden is open to the public. The use of drones is not permitted.


Private use for commercial photography and filming: La Concepción and La Cónsula can also be used as a location for an audiovisual project and in fact, they have already appeared in many advertising and cinematographic shoots, some of which you can find on the following link:

Please contact the City Council's One Stop Office, Málaga Film Office (+34 952 60 17 36 /+34 699 322 184) , and they will assist you free of charge to plan your production.

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Wedding and Special Events

Espacio para bodas civiles Cil wedding


La Concepción is one of the locations that Malaga City Council offers for the celebration of civil weddings. They are held in the Palm Tree Promenade on Saturdays from the first of May until the end of September, except for those days that coincide with Malaga's fair in August or with the festival of the patron saint of the city, Virgen de la Victoria, on 8th September.

Three civil weddings are held per Saturday, at 17:00, 18:30 and 20:00. They are officiated by the Mayor of the city or a member of the City Council.

Staging of civil wedding ceremonies at La Concepción: €708,00 per ceremony


The rooms of the stately home and the external areas of the garden can be hired for celebrations and special events of all kinds.

The prices for the realization of events and other private uses or special uses of spaces in La Concepción Historical Botanical Garden are regulated by Fiscal Ordinance number 59 that establishes:
Events of a family, social or commercial nature:

- Events of up to 3 hours duration: €133.50 for every 25 people or fraction thereof. A minimum amount is set at: €801.00, equivalent to 150 people.

- Events of up to 6 hours duration: €267.00 for every 25 people or fraction thereof. A minimum amount is set at: €2.136,00, equivalent to 200 people.

- Events of up to 9 hours duration: €400.50 for every 25 people or fraction thereof. A minimum amount is set at: €4.005, 00, equivalent to 250 people.

- Cultural activities, shows, exhibitions, street markets and other activities of a similar nature: €0.40 per m2 and hour or fraction thereof.

These prices do not include the security service and cleaning of the toilets. We do not have tents or roofed spaces in case of rain. There is no catering service available, and anyone wishing to contract catering can freely choose the company.

If you wish to be informed about the availability of dates or to make an appointment, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +34 951 926 179.

Birthday and Family activities

For information, call the ticket office on 951926180.

Juegos infantiles

Birthday parties: La Concepcion hosts birthday parties for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. These feature games, activities and workshops to suit customer preference, as well as pirates, fairies and explorers. For information, call the ticket office on 951926180.

Family Christmas: a fun day out for the whole family including games, walks, an exhibition entitled “The Origin of La Concepcion as told by Barbie", and a family scavenger hunt.

Father's Day and Mother's Day: Father's Day held on a Sunday in the month of March. Mothe's Day held on the first saturday in May. An extra-special day featuring a children's puppet show, a storyteller, and a family scavenger hunt. The activities take place between 11:00 and 14:00.

Family Day: International Family Day is celebrated on a Sunday in the month of May. This is the ideal occasion to enjoy the garden as a family with a variety of activities, walks, games, a family scavenger hunt, and a puppet show.

Family Sundays: On Sunday mornings throughout the year, fun-filled family days are organized at La Concepción. They take place between 11:00 and 13:00, and feature a gymkhana and puppet theatre.

Tcket per person (25-30 persons):


Reduced: €6,90

Night visits

For information and bookings, call 951926180

Jardín de noche

The Historical Garden and the path leading up to the Viewpoint have been illuminated to provide a different perspective of La Concepción. The interior of the stately home, the patio and the old library are also visited, while theatre, music and other surprises are also sure to feature.

Night visits take place in summer, and on certain other dates throughout the rest of the year, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, and the first day of Spring. Visits for private groups on specific dates can also be arranged.

Ticket per person:

Guide Tours Stendard (25-30 persons): €8,40

Guide Tours Reduced (25-30 persons): €6,30

Dramatised Tour (35-40 persons): €17,00