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CITRUS LIMON Citrus limon

La Concepcion was originally an agricultural estate on whose terraced slopes lemon, almond and olive trees were cultivated, along with cereal crops and vines. Some of these trees are still standing today, bearing witness to the estate’s former productivity.

Citrus trees first appeared in south-east Asia some 20 million years ago and were brought to our region by the Arabs in the 10th century. The lemons (Citrus limon) grown at La Concepcion were sold, many being exported to England. One such example is the ancient  “Royal” lemon, which is currently dying out. This variety, also known as the “thick-skinned lemon”, is extremely typical in Malaga, where a little salt is sprinkled onto the segments before eating them. Salted lemons are sold on street stalls during the city's Easter processions.

The collection also includes a number of sub-tropical trees, and the garden has a section devoted to trees traditionally cultivated in the Guadalhorce Valley which are now in danger of extinction.

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