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dendrobium loddigesii Dendrobium loddigesii

A small greenhouse located near the entrance to the garden is home to three distinct collections:

- Insectivorous plants: these grow in damp areas such as peatland and marshes which are low in nutrients. Their most noteworthy feature is the way in which they adapt to their environment by modifying their leaves in order to trap their prey. The collection comprises specimens from various genera including Nepenthes, Drosera, Sarracenia, Dionaea, Utricularia and Cephalotus, and was awarded a prize by the Costa del Sol Gardening Club in 2013.

- Bromeliads: these are mostly short-stemmed herbaceous plants featuring a rosette of rigid leaves with coloured bases. The plant consumes the water that accumulates in the base of its leaves by means of adventitious roots or absorbent hairs specifically adapted for the purpose. The collection includes specimens of the Tillandsia genus, all of which are epiphytic, i.e. they live on other plants but are not parasitic, as well as examples from the Cryptanthus family.

- Orchids: these perennial herbaceous plants are highly evolved, with flowers that are specially adapted to their pollinators. There are over 25,000 species to be found distributed throughout most parts of the world; some species are terrestrial, while others are epiphytic. This collection includes species from the Vanda, Vanilla, Cattleya and Paphiopedilum genera.