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Vides 2 Vitis vinifera

Known scientifically as Vitis vinifera, the vine is woody plant belonging to the Vitaceae family. It was first cultivated in the Mediterranean Basin before spreading to California, South Africa, South, America and Australia. Woody plants can live for a very long time, so it is not uncommon to encounter vines that are a hundred years old or more. Wine first appeared in Malaga in the 8th century B.C., following the settlement of the Malaga coast by the Phoenicians.

La Concepción, in conjunction with the regulatory board responsible for wines of the Malaga and Malaga Mountains Appellation of Origin, has carried out a study of the ancient varieties of vine which once grew in various parts of Malaga before gradually disappearing in the wake of the devastating phylloxera blight. This research project has led to the recovery of all 20 varieties, which have been nurtured and conserved on an experimental plot. There are 200 strains of such varieties as Moscatel, Moscatelon, Ximenez and Airen, all of which are from Malaga, and smaller numbers of their Doradillo, Listan, Jaen, Vigiriega and Tintilla counterparts. Some of the varieties on show are over 100 years old.