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The Stately Home

CASA_PALACIO1 Vista de la fachada principal

Originally built as a holiday home for Jorge Loring and Amalia Heredia following their purchase of La Concepcion in 1855. Designed by the German architect August Orth, this classical-style villa stands atop a hill which affords views of the whole estate, as well as of Malaga Cathedral and the Mediterranean Sea. Inside, the rooms are arranged around a central patio that is two storeys high, with the upstairs rooms also looking out onto the fountain below. The mansion had several sitting rooms, a billiard room, chapel, cellar and kitchens, numerous bedrooms and a famous library which was home to unpublished manuscripts, 15th-century tomes, classical works of fiction and all manner of publications charting the history of Malaga. 

The stately home hosted get-togethers and social gatherings at which the Marquis and Marchioness would rub shoulders with the leading figures of the day, including aristocrats, politicians and artists. Of particular note among their illustrious guests were Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Spanish Prime Minister Canovas del Castillo and Interior Minister Romero Robledo. The newspapers of the day would keenly report the soirées, theatre performances, excursions, picnics and weddings that took place on the estate.

The mansion was restored by the Ministry of Public Works and Malaga City Council between 2004 and 2007.