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The Historical Garden

Puentecito de hierro Puentecito de hierro del siglo XIX entre la vegetación

Acknowledged in 1943 as a “garden of historical and artistic interest”, this covers a total of 3.5 hectares. Its merit resides largely in its physical characteristics, the preservation of its original design, and the collection of subtropical fauna to which it is home. Located on the side of a hill, its landscaped layout comprises a series of waterfalls, streams, fountains, flights of steps, greenhouses, large trees and centuries-old palms, the latter constituting one of the finest collections in Europe.

Worthy of special note among the 3,000-plus species to be found here is the garden's enormous grove, which features a number of hundred-year-old specimens of ficuses (Ficus microcarpa and F. macrophylla), araucarias (Araucaria heterophylla and Araucaria bidwillii), casuarinas, magnolias, pines, cypresses and cedars. Other examples include cycas (Cycas revoluta and Cycas circinalis), giant birds of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai), bamboos (Phyllostachys nigra, Bambusa vulgaris, etc.), water lilies, and an unusual climbing vine (Wisteria sinensis) which covers an enormous 19th-century iron gazebo.