Temporary exhibitions are normally located at the ground floor of Casa del Administrador. Sometimes they move to the garden or the Casa Palacio.

La Concepcion houses a permanent exhibition at the Casita del Jardinero. Some scenes of the origin of the garden are told with Barbie dolls dioramas.

January: "Sombras del paisaje". Painting

February: Ahmad Ghoreishi. "Solsticios". Flores y Paisajes. Painting

March: Memorial Juan Miguel Alba. Etiopía y las etnias del sur. Photography 

April: Mariana Diaz Bedoya. La luz a través de la naturaleza

May: Gabinete Hyde. Caprichos, intervenciones al natural. Painting and sculpture

Jun: Silke Gonzalez Leon. Fantasias Andaluzas. Photography and painting

July: Selection of participants in the painting and photography contest

August: Cristóbal de Haro. Insectos del Jardín Botánico. Photography

September: uan Ferrete Varo. Entre Luces y Sombras. Photography

October: MªTeresa Rodriguz Sunico. De Librum Natura. Acuarelas y esculturas

November: Colectiva Moments Festival

December: Siobhan Louise. Flor-escence. Pintura

Gabinete Hyde. Caprichos_ intervenciones al natural

May 1st to 31st

CAPRICHOS_ intervenciones al natural celebrates its twelfth edition. Between 5 and 31 May, La Concepción welcomes artists from different disciplines, with the same concerns of investigating the wild space in communion with the works that make it up. Open to a public of all ages, with an open mind to enjoy the conjunction of art and nature.
Each year a representative animal is chosen. Stick insects, snakes, sparrows, bees or turtles... among others, up to the gecko, the protagonist on this occasion.
The metaphorically named LOST GARDEN occupies the outdoor area assigned by La Concepción; it is presented as a relaxing space with the sculptural works; HIDDEN GARDEN shows the works in the Exhibition Hall. Both form the structure of the present edition in total harmony.


Botanic Cabinet

The history of La Concepción told by Barbie

The idea of using dolls to recreate the garden's history was conceived by the artist Alberto Martin, who has been putting together displays with Barbie dolls for many years. After studying a number of late 19th-century photographs, mostly from the Silvela Legacy, he created a series of almost identical scenes using not only the world-famous Barbie but also Ken, Madelman and other similar figures. Sponsored by the Malaga Foundation and the Friends of La Concepcion Association.

The aim of this exhibition is to portray both a key period in the history of La Concepcion and the Bourgeois lifestyle of the time in a way that will appeal to visitors of all ages. All of the materials used in the displays have been recycled: bottle tops, sink racks, clothes pegs, pencil sharpeners, pin cushions etc. Each figure is dressed in a different costume and hat made from dressmakers' cuttings; the hairstyles, fans and parasols sported by the women are all unique and were inspired by 19th-century clothing catalogues.